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puresilva t-shirts, caps and even mugs for sale!
29 November 2008
I've set-up a puresilva shop at cafepress.com where you can buy all kinds of merchandise with our logo embossed on it. I think it's more a case of me liking the logo on nice looking gear than anyone ...more info>>>

puresilva now has a youtube channel!
27 November 2008
At last puresilva now has a youtube channel, and I have uploaded 16 tutorial videos (on how to use the website template) to it:- youtube.com/puresilva I'll be uploading a lot more videos in the ...more info>>>

Has Google Adsense jumped the shark?
11 November 2008
Our own experience and feedback from some of our clients shows that Google Adsense is paying out very little these days - talking about 10 cents a click typically, no matter what the content on the pa...more info>>>

Contextual links: quick and easy boost to search engine rankings
9 November 2008
Here is an example of contextual links:- The green underlined text are contextual links - links within a body of text. Search engines love these types of links and for that love, they reward s...more info>>>

Predicting how it will be for businesses in the next few years
5 November 2008
Here are my predictions for the next few years. These are all generalisations. And guesses. So take with a pinch of salt and enjoy:- More people will go self-employed/start up their own businesses...more info>>>

Late runner in the US Election!
3 November 2008
Looks like Obama all the way......but wait, what's this?! ...more info>>>