Bulk Discount Feature

You can encourage shoppers to buy more by offering them bulk discounts. Your website allows you to do this very easily via the Bulk Discount feature.

First off, activate this feature in backoffice > variables > shop options > Activate Bulk Discounts.

Next, you will need to add/edit a product. Once you add/edit a product, you will see a new option just below the product price:-

bulk discounts

In the above example, if someone buys a quantity of 25 (or more) of this product, they will receive a discount of 20% off each of those items. So in this example, they would pay just 80 per item (not 100) IF they add 25 or more items to the basket.

Not only that, but there's also a sliding scale of discounts between quanity of 2 and quantity of 25 (or more) like this :-

bulk discount

The sliding scales are always worked into 5 bands to keep things fairly simple. You must ensure the upper quantity is at least 10 (won't allow lower numbers than 10).

To switch OFF bulk discounts for a particular product, simply set the bulk discount percentage to 0% and update the product.

As with any new feature, it's good to experiment with this!

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