Affiliates FAQ

As an affiliate, how do I link to the site I will earn money from?

Anyway you like - you can use standard HTML like :

link here

....notice that there are no affiliate URL parameters to add. That's because incoming clicks from your site are recognised by the referral data received.

If I'm adding affiliate links, should I "nofollow" these links?

Yes. It's advisable to use rel="nofollow" on any affiliate links.

When do I get paid for each sale I help generate?

Within 24 hours after receiving an email notifying you that an order has been confirmed.

How can I track clicks and sales?

When you signup (and get approved), you will receive login details - so you can login to the site you're selling products for at any time to track how many clicks and sales you're generating.

How can I make the most of being an affiliate and earn as much as possible?

By driving as much targeted traffic as you can to the site you're an affiliate for. Include some links to the site in articles you may have already written, or write some new articles on your site including links to the site you're promoting.

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