Affiliates Facilities FAQ

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows other website owners to promote your own website and drive visitors to your website from their website. If one such visitor clicks from their webnsite to your website, and ends up buying something on your site, the affiliate website owner will get paid a commission on that sale.

How much do they get paid?

That's up to you. You set the commission percentage. If you set the commission percentage at 10%, then if they buy an item for 10, your affiliate is owed 1 by you. You only pay them on confirmed orders, and the commission you pay does NOT include shipping costs or VAT (if VAT is applicable). Commission payment costs are automatically calculated and displayed in the affiliates area of the backoffice.

How does someone become an affiliate for my website?

They signup on your affiliates page on the front-end of your site. You have to manually approve each affiliate signup, so you have full control over who can be an affiliate. The affiliate sales page is automatically listed on your "more info" section, but it's advisable to link to it via your main navigation and generally promote this page in order to get as many good affiliates signing up as possible.

The affiliates page URL is /affiliates.asp

How do I actually pay an affiliate?

You will need to pay them via PayPal. Each affiliate will require a PayPal email address to signup to become and affiliate, and you will also need a PayPal account too.

How do I know how much to pay them and WHEN to pay them?

In the affiliates area of the backoffice, you will be shown a summary of the sales each affiliate has given you, and how much commission you owe them per sale. You can set each sale to "confirmed" that you know is a confirmed sale and isn't subject to possible refund/return. Once an order is confirmed in this way by yourself, the affiliate is notified by email of this, and you should pay them their commission via PayPal there and then. If an affiliate makes regular sales, it's best to pay them in lump sums rather than for each sale. If they make 20 worth of commission over 5 sales, then it's usually more convenient to pay them 20 in one payment instead of 5 individual 4 payments (as an example).

Can I deactivate the affiliates facility at any time?

Yes, of course. You have full control over these facilities.

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