Product Footer Buttons

You can add non-saleable items in backoffice > shop e.g. items for hire, or just a catalogue of services that aren't "buyable" directly. There is a generic "Make Enquiry" button you can enable to generate enquiries, but sometimes you need something more bespoke. Now with the new Products Footer feature, you can do this (can be found in backoffice > variables > shop options > product layout options > Product Description Footer.

Once there, select the items you want to apply the bespoke button too, then put in the following for the product description footer :-

<input type="button" name="makeoffer" class="rollbuttonbig2" value="» Your Button Text" onClick="javascript:window.location=''" />

You need to change "Your Button Text" and "" to your actual button text / URL you want the button to link to - that's it.

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