Offering Free Downloadable Gifts To Your Visitors

You can offer free downloadable gifts / files to your visitors via the enquiry form builder (backoffice > pages > add/edit enquiry forms). It works like this:-

1. The user completes your custom-made enquiry form.

2. They get an email back with a link to the downloadable gift they chose when completing your form.

3. You also get all of the information (in email format) of the fields they completed.

Steps you need to follow to setup a downloadable gift option for your enquiry form:-

1. First of all, upload your free gifts (downloadable files) in backoffice > pages > file manager.

2. Next, build your enquiry form (backoffice > pages > add/edit enquiry forms). One of the "questions" on your form must be a "Dropdown List With Free Download Gift" type. Enter in the free gift options you have made available. For each of the free gift options you enter, you MUST make sure the title of each option matches exactly the title of the files you uploaded earlier in the File Manager. For example, if you uploaded a file in the file manager and gave it a title "Give Up Smoking Easily", make sure one of your free gift options in the dropdown list is also entitled "Give Up Smoking Easily" (this is so the website can match the user option selected with the correct file).

3. Also ensure there is an email field in the form - as the free gift will be sent to the form-filler by email.

Once you've done the above 3 steps, it's important to try it out yourself so it works as you intend it to work.

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