other posted in other news  on 17 July 2014
by Andrew Lang 
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A Daily Dose of Music

Music - I like it, so I built a page that has some music on it! A daily dose of music brings you 3 recommended tracks to listen to plus a random UK top 40 from anywhere between 1960 and last year. I hope you like it and keep coming back to it.

How It Was Made

For those who are interested, the random 3 recommended tracks are taken from my other site's archive of favourite tracks - abaleariclist.com. The top 40 is taken from the archives over at officialcharts.com - a number between 1960 and last year is randomly picked, and is appended to today's day and month to create a random date - this date is then sent to officialcharts.com where the chart for that date is returned.

The page is updated automatically once a day.

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