puresilva terms and conditions

We've tried to make our terms and conditions easy to understand so they can be as transparent as possible. If there's anything you're not sure about, please contact us.


  • We sell to the customer a hosted solution, a service: a licence to use the puresilva website template on the customer's domain name. The customer owns the domain name, holds the copyright to their content, holds intellectual copyright to the business itself, and has the entitlement to 100% of the revenue made from their website.
  • Because a licence holder has full ownership of the domain name and holds 100% ownership to the business itself on their chosen domain name, they can sell on the licence and business (including domain name) and receive 100% of the sale price if they wish to do so (i.e. the website is theirs to sell if they choose to do so).
  • The licence of the template CAN be transferred to a new domain name (owned by the licence holder) if the customer wishes to do so. For example, if a licence holder has a domain entitled domainnameA.com, and they change direction in business to start a new website entitled domainnameB.com, the template can be transferred over from domainnameA.com to domainnameB.com. This means domainnameA.com no longer has the template hosted, but domainnameB.com does. This transfer can only be made between domain names registered by the licence holder.

Our responsibilities to our customers

  • Regarding the puresilva website template, all features advertised on this features list shall be installed on our customer's website, including all recent updates
  • All websites shall be error-free; failing this responsibility, any error shall be rectified for free and as soon as humanly possible
  • We must ensure our customer's website is online and fully functioning, with reliable, fast hosting (on managed, dedicated server) and that their domain name is registered (or re-registered if about to expire).
  • We will back up the database content of all of our customer's sites on a daily basis.
  • We will provide technical support by e-mail or telephone and attend to any query within 24 hours.
  • All generic template updates are free to all of our customers, for life.
  • Anyone who tries our template out can cancel within the first 14 days without needing any reason whatsoever to ensure they are completely free to evaluate the template without obligation to purchase.

Our limitations of liability

  • Our fair use policy allows you to receive our technical support on a reasonable and fair basis. This includes training with using the specific functions of the backoffice, and fixing reported bugs you find. Anything else falls outside the remit of technical support and we cannot support any other issues.
  • We will ensure the customer receives very reliable hosting of their website, and can promise fast loading webpages, and since 2004 we've have had uptime better than 99.9%, but just like any host we cannot guarantee 100% uptime.
  • The template doesn't require you have knowledge of HTML or CSS, but does allow you to use your own custom HTML on all of the pages of your website if you choose to do so, and even edit the CSS file for the website (if you choose to do so, it's not necessary however). We are not responsible for ensuring your custom HTML or CSS renders correctly or validates, and cannot technically support this, nor can we support questions in general about how to use HTML and CSS (as the site doesn't require you have knowledge of these markup languages)
  • We are not responsible for the content uploaded to the customer's website, but any offensive material may be removed by us if it violates any laws within the UK (where our servers are located).

Customer's responsibilities

  • The one-off cost for a puresilva website template licence must be paid to ensure their website remains hosted. Failure to keep up repayments may result in the site being taken offline. It can be rehosted once payments re-commece.
  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you accept the template and its various designs and functions "as is" just as you buy any product. The template is sold "as is" and our business model dictates that individual codebase customisations shall not be made to the template so as to ensure each website can be updated automatically via our patching facility.
  • The customer is legally responsible for anything they publish/upload on their website.

Domain names

  • If a customer wishes to have puresilva installed on a previously unregistered, but available domain name, we will register the name on behalf of the customer. The customer can request to have the IPS tag changed to another hosting company at anytime, or have the name servers changed to another host.
  • Our domain name registration only covers .co.uk, .com, .net, and .org domain extensions.