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Listed below you'll find the core features available on our puresilva e-commerce/CMS template solution.

There's a LOT of features in the template now. Having said that, the template is very easy to use, and much of the features are switched off until you want to use them (keeping things nice and simple). The template is updating faster than we can publish the below list, so please check out the latest updates announcements page (which updates from our update terminal) for a comprehensive list of updates (sorted by most recent).


  • your own domain name registered in your name
  • your site hosted on a dedicated server, with careful server management. None of our dedicated servers has a Peak Hour Load of more than 60% of the server's capacity (in terms of RAM, CPU, bandwidth). This ensures fast-loading pages and reliable hosting overall
  • unlimited webspace
  • your website backed up daily on a separate server in a separate location to your website server
  • unlimited e-mail addresses (anything@yourdomain.com) along with your own email control panel
  • uses the latest email spam filtering technologies
  • No software to install - nothing to 'set-up' - you just need an internet connection to run your website. Runs on ANY computer (Mac or PC).
  • All our servers run NOD32 + MalwareBytes anti-virus for your website's security against trojans and viruses.

Constant, automatic updates to your website

  • You will receive live and automatic updates to your websites - see our current updates list here
  • Content Managed Pages

    • Add unlimited pages to your website - you can add unlimited images and attach unlimited files to each page you add, ANYWHERE on the page. You can easily format text too as well as easily add website links onto your pages. Ability to add HTML titles and META tags for search engine optimization. Images are automatically resized intelligently depending on placement on page. Fully WYSIWYG editor.
    • Easily embed youtube videos just by pasting in the video URL - the video will be resized to fit the space it's been placed in
    • Create unlimited web forms - allowing you to capture data from your website visitors - each form is emailed to a user-defined email address. The forms themselves are 100% customisable.
    • Customisable navigation - create your own navigation bars on your website - easily link to anywhere on the site
    • Organize your pages into unlimited sections (categories)
    • Search-engine friendly URLs of all your content-managed pages (as well as other on-page optimization making your pages easy for search engines to index)


    • Categorise your news/article entries
    • Add images to each news story you add. You can easily format text too as well as easily add website links onto your pages
    • RSS feed for your news/blog making it easy for people to read your latest info from other websites.
    • Users can leave their own comments about each news story. This feature can easily be turned off if you don't want it, and it has full spam controls to prevent comment spam
    • Option to display 0-7 latest entries on the front-page (complete with thumbnail image) and/or in the sidebar navigation to make sure your visitors are alerted to the latest news
    • Visitors can search your news/blog entries by keyword search, month or category.
    • Search-engine friendly URLs of all your news/blog entries (as well as other on-page optimziation making your articles easy for search engines to index)
    • "Recommend to a friend" facility allows website visitors to let their friends know (via email) about your news/blog entries
    • Share links at the foot of each and every blog/news entry makes it easy for people to share your blog/news entry
    • Facility allowing you to easily import news from around the web as a means of generating new articles for your own website. This can be used as a means to find topics for your own articles (recommended) or even simply as a news digest whereby you create articles that simply features news headlines/comments from your chosen news sources.
    • "Events Calendar". It's similar to the blog/news section except it separates entries into two sections : past and future. Future events are highlighted and promoted, past events are held in an archive. You can also group event entries under one date. It's suitable for sites running events like pubs, DJs, hotels, businesses running training courses etc. You can alternate between running the blog OR running the events calendar.

    E-commerce Shop

    • Add/edit/delete unlimited categories, products and information pages on your site, as well as add unlimited number of images/files per page - you control 100% of the content
    • Dynamic categories - based on keyword matches you can create alternative categories such as search by brand name, size, colour etc - allowing your website visitors to browse your products using alternative category structures. These dynamic categories can be set up in literally a minute or so, and allow you to effectively add your products to multiple categories.
    • Your entire product range will enjoy the benefits of our search engine optimization facilities - all automated - all you have to do is add your products and categories!
    • Flexible payment options for your shoppers - allow your user to choose how to pay - from using eWay, PayPal, Noxchex, SagePay, CardSave, Google Wallet, Global Iris and WorldPay, by cheque, BACS or even phone. You choose how they can pay.
      google wallet protx paypal 

      nochex worldpay eway

    • Easy-to-use product navigation; search by category (up to 3 levels deep) or by keyword. Visitor immediately sees items relating to their search as they click through the category levels.
    • Sophisticated shipping & handling facility allowing you to make up your own shipping rules; base shipping on weight, gift-wrapping, next-day delivery, recorded delivery, areas like UK, Europe, rest of the World, or any locations you want. You make up the rules! You can use as many rules as you want so your customers can choose their preferred shipping & handling for their products.
    • Product detail page; User can select quantity of items required, select a size and/or a colour if the item requires such user choice (you can define the ranges of colours/sizes yourself).
    • Add unlimited high quality images per product
    • Easily add supporting files (e.g. PDF, MP3, Word DOC/DOCX), youtube videos, playable (embedded) mp3 files to your products
    • No need to make your own thumbnail images - your online shop will make those automatically for you, as well as dynamically resize your product images on the product detail page so users always see your products at their BEST - with an elegant layout of images - no images that are TOO BIG breaking up your page! They appear as a reasonable size, with a link below them so the user can view the actual, large size.
    • Related items (with thumbnail images) can be listed on a product's page so users don't miss anything
    • "Best Sellers" facility; allows you to highlight items that will be displayed prominently on your site.
    • "Selected Items" feature shows random products on the front page giving individual products a chance to be 'in the spotlight'. This is also very good for search engine optimization as these products will be indexed much faster as well as giving search engine spiders a good impression that your content is constantly updated.
    • Special Offers; A sophisticated facility allowing you to select products and set a discounted rate for them. Entice people to purchase by setting a special offer deadline; eBay style, customers can see when offers expire, down to the last minute!
    • Shopping Basket; User can change quantity of items in the basket, or delete items. User can empty basket. Shipping total + Product price total, with overall total shown. User proceeds to payment page from the shopping basket. When a user adds an item to the basket, they are clearly alerted to the fact, but remain on the same page. Clear navigation options appear to allow them to view basket or checkout. This navigation can easily be dismissed (or simply ignored) so the shopper can continue shopping.
    • "Subscribe Here" facility so an e-mailing list can be built-up.
    • You're immediately notified by email when an order arrives; customer gets receipt email with full details of order.
    • Order tracking for users to see the status of their purchases. When an order's status is changed you can automatically send an email to the shopper notifying them of the change of status AND also have an option to enter tracking codes too so they can see where their item is.
    • Full details of each order made on your site - see monthly sales totals, date-based reports, what time of day people order most, day of week, day of month. Revenue forecast facility based on recent trends.
    • Automatic invoice generator for each purchase.
    • Export orders to CSV file - great if you are doing your accounts in another software package. You can export depending on date range too, so great when doing your yearly tax return.
    • Email enquiry facility; if your product range often requires close customer care, our e-mail enquiry system will allow you to capture those customers and start-up a sales dialogue. It's also another channel for users to opt-in to your e-mailing list.
    • E-mail notifications. Online shop administrator is notified by e-mail of any new orders. Customer gets confirmation e-mail when they register or buy items.
    • Customer feedback survey. Email sent out X* days after purchase encouraging customers to leave feedback. They can leave ratings and comments which is added to the in-built product review system. A review page (see this example) is automatically generated.
    • Stock control facility allowing you to disable purchasing of items out of stock - just enter the initial stock quantities and your website takes care of the rest - deducting quantities when items are purchased. Items out of stock are still displayed on the site and users can enquire about them - but not purchase until they are back in stock. This facility can be activated on a per-product basis.
    • Item out of stock? Customers can leave their email, and be notified immediately (and automatically) when the item comes back into stock.
    • VAT/Tax support - this facility (if selected) will show all product prices excluding and including Value Added Tax - VAT rate is editable.
    • Basket abandonment monitor - see what gets added to the basket, and how far each visitor got in the checkout process; great for seeing how people behave on your site and how changes to your shipping and basket messages affect this behaviour - ultimately this kind of feedback helps reduce your basket abandonment.
    • Allow shoppers to save baskets so they can easily checkout at a later date (via link in email sent to them)
    • Sell items wholesale - you can hide particular prices from the public (only logged in retailers can see them) and sell wholesale to members
    • Allow shoppers to sort your products by cheapest to most expensive, most expensive to cheapest, alphabetically, or even by newest > olders (or vice versa)
    • You can also sort your own products in a very granular way - specific orders per category, or by best sellers (single click)
    • Shoppers can also filter your products by size, length, colour so they just see the products that suit their tastes
      Sales bullet points allow you to make short bullet points just above the "add to basket" buttons - great way to increase conversions when shoppers don't miss your most compelling selling points
    • Multiple currencies - your shoppers will see all your items displayed in their chosen currency as well as your chosen base currency; currency conversion rates updated in real-time.
    • Unique bidding system (purely optional) allowing your website visitors to bid prices on your products for sale. You can choose to accept or reject each offer. If you accept an offer, the shopper can easily buy the item at the offered price.
    • Product reviews - your website visitors can leave product reviews of your listed items. They may have bought this item before from you, or even from another vendor, and want to let people know how good/bad(!) it is.
    • Digital products/downloads - you can sell e-books, mp3s etc. Your shopper buys the product as normal (add to basket, pay for items) - upon verified payment, they can login and download their purchase.
    • "Recommend to a friend" facility allows website visitors to let their friends know (via email) about specific items you sell
    • Allow your shoppers to view your products by price range categories (you can set these price bands yourself)
    • RSS Feeds and "Latest Additions" page for your product range so regular visitors can view your new products easily
    • Basket summary - shown in sidebar whenever a shopper adds items to the basket
    • Ability to see which products are being viewed LIVE (right now) on your site, and the path each visitor takes on your site when browsing your pages
    • "Upsell" feature allowing you to sell multiple items together e.g. selling an electric bike with additional front light, back light and battery (these are optional extras to the electric bike). You can also change the prices of these additional items to give shoppers a "deal" if they buy all the items together; this facility means shoppers can buy multiple items in one go, and you can promote extras to any item. It's quite a powerful new facility that can be used in many different ways. More info on upselling can be found in this Wikipedia entry (click here)
    • Affiliate selling facility allowing you to sell other people's products on your site and make commissions if they click through from your site to the selling site and a sale results. You can even mix up your products with affiliate products or create a special category for affiliate products - up to you; ability to import affiliate products
    • Have other resellers sell YOUR products by enabling the affiliate reseller programme
    • Showcase your products with our slideshow - create a products slideshow with a single click, or a slideshow based on what's in your photo gallery, or even create your own bespoke slideshow with unlimited slides, text, custom URL links per slide - tell your story on your home page!
    • Option allowing your shoppers to make special requirements for products. This is basically a text box that will appear in the product detail page (if activated). Useful if you're selling items with personal messages attached (e.g. cakes, ceramics, t-shirts)
    • Two variation options per product (e.g. "Material", "Length" or "Size", "Colour") - these variations can be re-labelled to anything you like. Allows you to sell one single product with many variations of colours and sizes for example. These variations can have their own prices and stock levels.
    • "Customer discovery" (conversion tracking) facility that records referrals which went on to becomes sales. This is a great way to find out how paying customers found your website - and so you can target particular keywords for link building if you're finding certain search engine keywords are leading to more sales than others.
    • Full support for Google Adsense, conversion tracking, Analytics, Webmasters, Google+ authorship - custom built facilities make integrating these Google services very easy to do
    • Ability to export/import product stock levels as well as prices. Useful if you have offline sales and sweeping price changes often.
    • Product display options. You can make product listings look like this or this, and product details pages look like this or this!
    • Ability to send automatic messages ("tweets") to Twitter (if you have an account) whenever you add a new product or article - this is yet another way to get extra visitors to your site as they can be alerted to your new product/article via Twitter.
    • "Incentives" facility allowing you to encourage shoppers to spend more on your site by way of a free gift if they spend a certain amount (you choose the amount thresholds, and the gift).


    • Fully integrated into the design of the website - not a 3rd party plug-in; means your users only have to register once to your site
    • Create unlimited sections for forum
    • Search facility so users can search topics and replies
    • Login/Register facility - easy & quick for users to join the forum
    • Unlimited topics/replies can be added
    • User statistics

    Photo Gallery

    • Add unlimited photos to the gallery
    • Ability to categorise photos, title and describe each photo
    • Various thumbnail gallery design templates available
    • Create slideshows from your photo gallery
    • Sharing options available for visitors to share your photos on social networks

    Podcasts/Radio Station

    • Allow people to hear your own podcasts; you can create playlists of messages.

    Customising the Website

    • Add/remove blog, shop, forum, pages, podcast, subscribe function, rss feeds, photo gallery as well as many other facilities
    • Fully customisable design - choose from a number of CSS/XHTML website templates
    • Create your own metatags and descriptions for search engines
    • For those with some HTML / CSS skills, there's a CSS editor built into the backoffice so you can tweak the CSS file, as well as the ability to upload your own design images too - allowing you to create your own custom templates.
    • FREE use of the puresilvabannermaker.com web tool - upload unbranded banners to your website for FREE (saving US$8)
    • Upload your own favicon
    • Make design changes to the mobile version of your site

    Mobile/small-screen friendly template

    • Your site will have a mobile version, designed to make navigation easy for small screens.
    • The mobile version is search engine friendly - same URLs (no re-directs) used for all devices, header tags tell search engine "mobile spiders" they're viewing the mobile version.

    Other Features

    • Microblog - alert your visitors by publishing notices at the top of each page on your site - such as a flash sale you may have on
    • A myriad of social networking / sharing options
    • Advertising module; make money from allowing text ads to be published on your site (this is puresilva's very own service, it is not Google Adsense, though we support Google Adsense too).
    • Security; your visitors can buy your items securely via 3rd party payment gateways - you don't store their sensitive credit card information on your site at all (a concern for most online shoppers). Shoppers trust big payment gateways far more than bespoke payment systems.
    • Every page across the entire website (using the template) is search-engine friendly and following W3C guidelines in regards to (X)HTML; in plain English that means every page is easy for search engines to index (giving you an advantage over many competitors who have over-looked this), as well as being accessible to the disabled and cross-browser compatible.
    • Video help - just watch and listen how it's done, then copy the steps yourself! Video Help enlightens you on the trickier areas of the website template backoffice, and also lets you get the most out of the template very quickly.
    • Mailing list facility - send professional looking emailshots to your subscribed members - emails sent out automatically at X mails per hour (so you don't need a dedicated mail server) - FREE!
    • Comprehensive site stats - check all your visitor stats and sales stats - see when people visit your site and buy from it (hourly, day of week, day of month), check your monthly revenue, projected yearly earnings, return on investment per visitor.
    • Sitewide keyword search - allow your website visitors to search ALL of your pages (including products, forum, articles/news, and other content managed pages) in one convenient keyword search facility
    • Cached pages - this means your pages are light and fast-loading as it requires less work for the server. Despite caching, your website visitors will ALWAYS see the latest updates you've made to your site immediately after changes are made.
    • Customisable backoffice - choose fonts/colours for the backoffice
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