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Latest Template Updates

25th October 2016
Further updates :-
  • new "zoom" option for product thumbnails - gives a zoomed in, filled picture for product photos on the home page and product listings pages - this can be tested out in backoffice > variables > shop options > product layout options > select radio button entitled "Show as Grid with zoomed in images (recommended when product images are a mix of landscape and portrait shapes)"
  • various bug fixes
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25 September 2014
Twitter Statistics for 2014

25 September 2014
How to Discover More About Your Twitter Followers

24 September 2014
On Composing the Perfect Tweet

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Latest Products Added

24 Sep 2018
Three-strand Amethyst, Amazonite & Pearl Necklace (CG72)

Silver Rope Edge / Onyx Rope Edge Bracelet (Princess)

Silver Rope Edge / Garnet Rope Edge Bracelet (Princess)

Silver Rope Edge / Amethyst Rope Edge Bracelet (Princess)

Silver Rope Edge / Amber Rope Edge Bracelet (Princess)

Latest articles added

14 Sep 2018
BSSA - Fabrication of Stainless Steels event

11 Sep 2018
Don't Forget

3 Sep 2018
Not Alone

1 Sep 2018
Famous Blue John

29 Aug 2018

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