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21 Jun 2017

rainbow paper garland


20 Jun 2017
Silver Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Silver / CZ Initial K Pendant and Chain

Silver Pave Cufflinks

Ripmax Chris Foss WOT4 Pro ARTF

Replacement Glue Boards - Future Uplighter 40 watt

19 Jun 2017
hand held rainbow flag on stick

W - Silver Initial Letter Charm

Initial 'W" CZ Charm

Silver Locket with Filigree and Mother of Pearl

16 Jun 2017
Silver Filigree 'Kite' / Mother of Pearl Pendant & Chain

Raw Prehnite Rocks Necklace (WB30)

Silver Dragonfly Pendant & Chain - Amethyst

Superduo beads in Tweedy Violet

Superduo beads in Tweedy Gold

Square spacer 0.9cm Gold M91

Silver Bow Pendant and Chain

Silver / CZ Initial K Pendant and Chain

Silver / CZ Initial E Pendant and Chain

Square spacer 0.9cm Bronze M90

Square spacer 0.9cm Silver M89

Long Beach wedding hair vine with ivory sea shells, Swarovski starfish beads plus metallic blue crystals

Titanium Raw Crystal Quartz Necklace and Earrings (WB29)

15 Jun 2017
Discreet Future Uplighter Electric Glue Board Fly Killer 20watt

The Land of Grey & Pink Picasso Jasper and Rose Quartz Set (CG63)

Discreet Future Uplighter Electric Glue Board Fly Killer 40watt

Latest articles added

19 Jun 2017

Increase in Silver

15 Jun 2017
Keep Watching

14 Jun 2017
Price Increase

6 Jun 2017
Fun dog show

How to chose a weld cleaning machine

5 Jun 2017
Passivation of Stainless Steel

4 Jun 2017
Pickling of Stainless Steels

3 Jun 2017
Ferroxyl Test for Free Iron

2 Jun 2017

Stainless steel in food processing

26 May 2017

25 May 2017
MOTH - update!