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18 Jan 2018
5g Dark Bronze Quarter Tila Beads 457

Garnet and Ruby red Swarovski crystal tiara

5g Metallic Blue Iris Quarter Tila Beads 455

5g Metallic Purple Iris Quarter Tila Beads 454

5g Purple Gold Iris Quarter Tila Beads 188

5g Light Amethyst Gold Lustre Quarter Tila Beads 316

17 Jan 2018
Feedscew & Nut for Long Cross Slide [30/135_NU]

Lever Tailstock Attachment [1440A]

Long Cross-slide [1467_3]

16 Jan 2018
Blizzard GDF90 Counter Top Freezer

6mm Watchmakers Lathe Collet Set 4[6WLCS4]

6mm Watchmakers Lathe Collet Set 3[6WLCS3]

Myford ML7R

15 Jan 2018
Silver / Amethyst 'Darcy' Pendant & Chain

Pair of 14mm Laser etched Red coin beads with Iridescent squares

12 Jan 2018
20 x Round DropDuo in Lila Lustre

20 x Round DropDuo in Green Lustre

10 x daggers with 2 holes in Matt Metallic Fuchsia (5x16mm)

20 x Round DropDuo in Lila Vega Lustre

50 x 4mm faceted Goldenrod Satin beads

11 Jan 2018
Lathe Drive Dog [NM7DD]

Lathe Drive Dog [NM6DD]

Boley No.6 Drive Dog [B6DD]

Boley No.7 Drive Dog [B7DD]

Boley No.8 Drive Dog [B8DD]

25 x 6mm round Zinc Iris beads

20 x Round DropDuo in Chalk White Shimmer

20 x Round DropDuo in Teracota Copper

20 x Round DropDuo in Lilac Lustre

Lambert Umbrella 3m x 3m with Striped Acylic Canopy - Various colours available

Latest articles added

16 Jan 2018
How to chose a weld cleaning machine

15 Jan 2018
Passivation of Stainless Steel

14 Jan 2018
Pickling of Stainless Steels

13 Jan 2018
Ferroxyl Test for Free Iron

12 Jan 2018
Stainless steel in food processing

10 Jan 2018

9 Jan 2018

4 Jan 2018

21 Dec 2017
Christmas Opening Times

20 Dec 2017
Happy Christmas

19 Dec 2017
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