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25th October 2016
Further updates :-
  • new "zoom" option for product thumbnails - gives a zoomed in, filled picture for product photos on the home page and product listings pages - this can be tested out in backoffice > variables > shop options > product layout options > select radio button entitled "Show as Grid with zoomed in images (recommended when product images are a mix of landscape and portrait shapes)"
  • various bug fixes
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12 Mar 2019


11 Mar 2019
A4 / 297 x 210mm Black Wood Photo Frame: ref: 30bk/A4

16 x 20" / Black Photo Frame

14 x 11" / Black Photo Frame With Mount

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Our prices: the setup, design, hosting, technical support and updating of your website will cost between £400 and £600 (typically) depending on your requirements.

It's not true that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to websites

In website development, it really is the case that time is money. Time is the web developer's most precious asset. If the (ethical) developer can save time, he can reduce his prices. And that's how we've managed to do it - to save time in setting up sites, while making them easier to use (less tech support time). Time savings to the (ethical) developer will mean money savings to their customer. Sometimes this even works against us as we've sometimes been bracketed as "cheap" rather than offering excellent value (not always the same thing in terms of perception) - purely because of our price.

However, if a website developer quotes you £3000 for a new site, just remember you're paying for their time, NOT that you're necessarily getting a better quality website. Also factor in extra costs for any extra facilities you may want in the future - the costs can add up.

Also, if a bespoke developer was asked to reproduce something like our template from scratch, you'd be looking at years of work and ridiculous costs.

We work on our template all the time. We're looking always at improvements to usability, accessibility, search engine friendliness, upping conversion rates, and we update all of our customer's sites. A "traditional" developer will do as you ask and charge you for what you ask for - and nothing more. They may come across better ways to develop in the future, but they won't suddenly patch and improve your site for free - you'll pay for every update.