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by Andrew Lang 
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Already have a website? Migrate to puresilva and get 20% off

Do you already have a website? Maybe you have an e-commerce or content managed website already, but are considering using the puresilva website template for your current domain name.

The problem is - many people who come to puresilva say "I already have an e-commerce site but I'm not happy with its results, yet I just don't know how to go about switching to puresilva". Or they say "I know what to do, but frankly I don't have the time to do it".

I don't blame their apathy. After all, switching from one website template to another usually involves:-
  • loading all your products onto the new template. Not a breeze if you have hundreds of products
  • re-directing all the old pages from your old site to the corresponding new pages on your new site so as not to lose your search engine rankings (301 redirects)
  • moving all your other content over - your home page etc
So now we have decided to offer a new service to those who already own a website, but want to switch to puresilva as the template that runs their site:-


  • We will add ALL of your content for you from your old site to the new site (which will be developed in a temporary domain)
  • We will give you a 20% discount as an incentive to switch (template reduced from 250 to 200, payable over 5 months at just 40 per month)
  • We will give you 100 links pointing to your new website (for search engine optimization purposes)
  • We will give your website a professional design - to complete the new site
  • We will re-direct all your old pages from your old site to the new pages on your new site (301 redirects)
  • Essentially we will do everything for you, while giving you a discount. You don't need to do anything other than sign up here.
That means you can place an order with us, and you do not have to do anything - just wait for us to prepare your website for you, while getting a 20% discount as an incentive to switch.

Interested? Then book here now and get your discount

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