posted in search engine optimization  on 30 July 2014
by Andrew Lang 
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Are Google Worried They Might Lose Money if They Update Penguin?

An interesting theory posited over at here - to quote:-

Do you think google hasn't done an analysis of how much recovery there will be on the next penguin refresh? What if they calculate that tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of sites will recover partially or fully from penguin, restoring huge amounts of organic traffic collectively to the sites that are now paying much more than they normally would for clicks in adwords? What if the degree of recovery would cause a severe stumble in google revenue and profits, causing an overreaction by the market and a serious tumble in googles stock price? The ramifications of this are vast, all the way down to individual employees getting stock options that suddenly would be underwater, likely with no hope to recover.

I mentioned this theory to Aaron Wall, and he sent me 3 replies:-

What do you think? It's been 10 months since a Penguin update.

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