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by Andrew Lang 
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Can You Control the Quality of the Product or Service You Sell?

I've mentioned before that enthusiasm for the product or service you sell makes your life so much easier:-

Marketing Is All About Improving Your Product

Push and Pull Marketing're more likely to make a living inadvertently through your own motivation toward that which you love doing / selling than selling widgets you don't care about. Of course, I'm not talking about manufactured enthusiasm here, but actual fanaticism and love for what you do and sell.

And email inbox tells me that quite a number of people are continuing to sell-for-the-sake-of-selling-to-make-money-and-nothing-more. They sell a widget and they have no control over how good this widget is. The widget might be a product or it might be a service. Whatever. It doesn't matter if it's a product or a service, because it's nothing more than a thing they're selling. Their leverage is in marketing the product to as many people as possible, not in improving the product. And so they push for all they're worth.

It all comes down to this: can you control the quality of the product or service you sell? If you can, and you have a passion for what you do, then realise you're very close to hitting "marketing gold". You have a unique proposition to your target market that you can improve and perfect based on that target market's needs, and you will do, because you're an enthusiast - there's no special marketing book to read, or some guru to tell you what to do - you're your own guru here. You are in control of that which you sell and you will shape it to meet the demand, rather than try to artificially create a demand for whatever you're selling (as so much marketing tries to do). The bottom line is this: it's easier to sell something you love than something you don't care about.

You will think : but it's not either / or, is it? I can improve my product and do the traditional "push" marketing. You could do, but the thing to understand is this - pull marketing - when your product or service can sell itself - is more time-saving, cost-effective and profit-making.

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