strategies posted in business strategies  on 22 March 2010
by Andrew Lang 
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Google Likes Fast Loading Pages

One thing a lot of people overlook when considering a new website is hosting. An afterthought is usually paid to hosting only after all the functions are developed for the website (and it's the functions and "look and feel" that people primarily focus on when planning their new website).

Google's now focusing more and more on page load speed as a determining factor in rankings. You can see how obsessive they are about speed with their own search engine, so it's natural they will want users who leave the search engine to go to a website to continue to have a "fast experience". Annoyance at slow loading pages on 3rd party websites can impact negatively on Google's reputation (unfairly though that is) as the overal search experience becomes frustrating if people are forced to slow down their searches due to slow loading pages.

It's very easy for Google's spiders to measure page load speeds, and that's exactly what they do when they index your pages. They report back to Google with a page load time for each of your website's pages. They will work out an average over time, including an average for your site and this will have a bearing on where you rank.

This is why it's important to consider hosting when your plan your new website. Not only will good hosting have a positive effect on your rankings, it will also give your website visitors a better experience and they're less likely to click back to the search engine results in frustration.

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