strategies posted in business strategies  on 27 November 2009
by Andrew Lang 
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Guilty of trying to please everyone all the time

As Seth Godin wisely points out, everyone is clueless :-

openquoteThe problem with "everyone" is that in order to reach everyone or teach everyone or sell to everyone, you need to so water down what you've got you end up with almost nothing.

You don't want everyone. You want the right someone.

Absolutely! And it's a mistake I've made with puresilva in the past - to attempt to reach out to everyone and say the template is for everyone. The truth is, it isn't. I've detailed more on a page entitled : "Who is the puresilva template designed for? - this details why the template is not for everybody, and it's a re-dedication to the template principle: make one good codebase, keep it updated, and sell it. Don't fork the code, don't make special customisations for particular sites. Sell the template as a product: a robust, revenue-spinner for the customer.

It's the same for all business models. If you find enough "right someones", you have a successful business that runs far smoother than feeling the prolonged pain of trying to force square blocks into round holes. It's taken me a long time and much agony to realise a simple truth : square blocks will never fit into round holes.

In this light, the puresilva template now simply sells "as is" without any modifications to the code whatsoever (no more bespoke code). I will of course still be working hard on the template itself and adding new designs as ever - in fact this new business plan frees up much more time for the sole purpose of supporting the template and the customers who use it.

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