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by Andrew Lang 
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If Google+ Succeeds, it's a Loss for Small Businesses

If Google+ succeeds as a social network, it will mean small businesses will be hobbled with yet ANOTHER platform to setup an account with and market from. Bigger busineses can afford to throw more human resources at yet another marketing channel - smaller businesses will have to compromise their own time to more marketing. So businesses will be marketing themselves from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.....and if they have time, their own website.

If Google+ succeeds, it's not a network you'll be able to ignore either as Google will be inserting more and more Google+ results into their search results - you won't be able to escape its influence and you'll be forced to signup and create pages on it for your business. I always think the best form of marketing is to improve your product or service, and not be pre-occupied with so many marketing channels. Moreover, from the customer's perspective, if I find a company's Google+ page (which will likely rank even higher than their actual website, given Google's obsession with including Google+ pages in their search results), then it's hardly going to represent the company better than their actual website. If their Google+ profile isn't updated, a visitor might think they're just lazy or their business has gone AWOL, so you'd better make sure your profile is updated regularly.

An optimal internet is one where a small business represents their product or service from a single point (their website) - less time spent juggling several marketing channels, more time improving their service and product. A sub-optimal internet is one where a business essentially duplicates its content across various other websites - hardly productive.

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