other posted in other news  on 19 November 2010
by Andrew Lang 
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New Updated Photo Gallery for the Template

There's a new type of photo gallery available for the puresilva website template - the "Search Engine Friendly Gallery". You can select it in backoffice > photo gallery (within the template):-


Here you can also set a custom title for the photo gallery facility too (e.g. "My Trip Down Under"). You can setup unlimited albums to categorise your photos too:-


....and opening an album reveals a photo journal-like view with the description alongside each thumbnail. Clicking on the photo title will take you to an exclusive page for the photo (all optimised for search engines). The magnifying glass opens up an enlarged lightbox view of the photo.


Overall it's a much more search engine friendly, photo journal-like version of the photo gallery. The other two versions of the photo gallery (standard HTML & Flash versions) remain the same - this is just an optional extra - useful if you want to categorise things like case studies, projects etc that are more a mixture of photos and text (with ability to zoom in on images).

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