strategies posted in business strategies  on 22 October 2013
by Andrew Lang 
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No SEO Please, We're British

Since giving up on SEO, I've freed up so much more time to work on other marketing strategies. Apparently there was a Penguin update earlier this month (some SEO news I simply can't escape the reporting of on Twitter and in my email inbox). Emails from (ever increasingly) desperate SEOs with their new improved strategies still plague my inbox, as do link removal requests for sites I've forgetten I even host.

So for B2B marketing, what replaces SEO? Everything that came before SEO. Essentially opening up communication with other businesses in any way you can and being more active - going to them rather than wait for the search engine to bring them to you.

The transition from SEO to non-SEO is quite jarring when you've relied on search engines for years, and it does take a while to find your feet and see what efforts work best. However, you're slowly becoming more the master of your own destiny than you ever were before. If anything, you'll just find it refreshing not having to worry about marginal new "tricks" or trying to decipher the subliminal message Matt Cutts is trying to subconsiouly feed you through his hypnotic smile. Having to put up with the condescension from so-called SEO experts is perhaps the worst aspect of the whole sorry game. You don't realise what bondage SEO ties you down with until you're free from it!

Having said all that, you do wonder what will happen to Google if more people follow suit and just abandon Google altogther as a marketing channel (Adwords and all). While that might sound like madness to many, certainly for B2B companies, you can network in a hundred ways outside of Google.

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