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by Andrew Lang 
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SEO Really Is Dead - Time to Move On

A lot of companies have been clinging onto SEO as a method of marketing - mainly because if it works (if Google rewards you), it's a very passive form of marketing that gives you a lot of reward for (on-going) little effort. However, relying soley on search is taking destiny out of your hands. We all know that it's not always (or often!) the case that the best content and products are shown at the top of the results - brand signals rule in 2014, and walking and talking like a "big brand" doesn't necessarily equate to being the best (or even one of the best) in your field.

So what are the alternatives to SEO? The infographic below by boldly (and accurately) announces that SEO is dead, and should be replaced by more pro-active efforts - namely perfecting your content and user experience on your site coupled with marketing on social networks and other sites that drive organic clicks to your content.

SEO is Dead - Infographic
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