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by Andrew Lang 
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Web developers ripping off customers

If you introduced regulations to the web design industry, you'd likey see 90+% of web design companies disappear overnight as they're judged "unfit for purpose". Never has the phrase "you get what you pay for" been LESS true than when considering what people pay when they ask for a website to be developed.

One case in point is a customer of mine who will remain nameless (and blameless!) - they were lured in by a web design company promising a "high-end boutique" design for their site. Months pass, the site gets developed in a test area. It turns out to be a shambles: it's a confusing mess for search engines as all pages had the same HTML title (hundreds of pages), unfriendly URLs, no proper thumbnailing of images (images were simply pinched/squashed), the backoffice was a nightmare to use and still very limited as to what you could do. Although just a test domain, still pages would timeout due to poor hosting.

Price tag? 2500.

I wasn't alerted to all of this til just a few weeks ago, and since then I've developed a BETTER design for a 10th of the cost while being able to maintain their 500+ uniques a day their site receives (which would have been ruined by this new site, so not only was it expensive, it would have hurt their business in the long run too).

The web design company in question is a "large" (well marketed) UK company.

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