strategies posted in business strategies  on 20 July 2014
by Andrew Lang 
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What are the Online Marketing Trends in 2014?

With Google becoming a less and less reliable traffic source, there's been a strong shift towards social networking platforms. However, it's so easy to get frustrated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to promoting your business. There are three simple rules to follow:-
  • Contribute quality content to social platforms - stuff people actually want to read - not just fluff
  • Post it OFTEN - use an app like HootSuite to schedule your posts
  • Engage with other people on the platform you're using
It might sound like hassle, but you with perseverence, you can reach a point where your social networking presence takes a life of its own - you'll find more that people are coming to you rather than you're constantly reaching out to them.

To add to these points, here's an infographic related to more recent marketing trends on 2014, via

marketing trends

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