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by Andrew Lang 
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When You Have to Deal With Google Adword Suspensions

This is one of my first video blogs, so I'm just going to bulletpoint what it's about below - more details in the video below!

  • One of my clients, John Evans of Distinctive Handmade Boxes, received a notice that his Adwords Ads had been suspended, because his website violated "Site Policy". The email was vague and meant John had to call Google Ireland to get more info
  • Google Ireland told him "the site isn't working"
  • John called me to let me know their reason (which was still vague)
  • Google Webmaster Tools showed me that Google were visiting the site several times a day, everyday without any issues - no DNS issues reported - everything fine according to GWT
  • I called Google to let them know this, and I wanted to know a specific reason why John's ads were suspended
  • The rep told me he'd escalate the issue and call me back
  • After calling me back, he said that one of the ads' destination URL was pointing to a page that didn't exist
Upshot:- Google gave the wrong reason, and it took 2 calls, an escalation and a callback to remedy a situation that Adwords should have flagged during the creation of the ad (test the destination URL) - who wants to run an ad that has a destination URL that goes to a page that doesn't exist? Google Ireland's number is 0800 1690409 if you fall into this situation yourself.

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