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Should you really take payments directly on your website?
24 December 2009
One dilemma a lot of people have with selling online is whether to take credit/debit card payments directly on their site, or to delegate this job and send shoppers to a 3rd party payment processor (e...more info>>>

Questions you should ask your hosting company
28 August 2009
Hosting is an important aspect of your online business. It's often an afterthought for many people, with the assumption being that there's no real difference between the various hosting companies, un...more info>>>

Preventing spam without CAPTCHA
6 February 2007
Earlier we wrote about CAPTCHA as a way to prevent automated posting for online forms. The obvious disadvantage to CAPTCHA is it requires a further action from the user, and CAPTCHA text is not al...more info>>>

How Spam-proof Are CAPTCHAs?
3 January 2007
Background info:- CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" - you see it when you fill in online forms that have a security code you enter, just b...more info>>>

Threats to Your Website in 2007
1 January 2007
The murky world of the malicious website 'undeveloper' is an ever creative one, and many new threats are 'promised' for this year. Professional cyberthieves and organized crime rings are looking t...more info>>>