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Blue sky thinking about search engines
28 April 2007
When people talk about search engines in 2007, they might give a passing reference to Yahoo! and MSN, but really they are talking about Google, because that's where the majority of searchers are to be...more info>>>

Backlink checker tool
15 April 2007
A good backlink checker tool we found:- http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ It's a little slow, but that's because it's thorough. You get the page rank of each link to your site and the anchor text u...more info>>>

How to look like a trusted website
11 April 2007
The more websites you visit, the more accurate your 'trust radar' gets. You can see if a website owner is enthusiastic or not about his business. You can see the signs that a site is no longer being...more info>>>

Help search engines identify your page
3 April 2007
A follow-on from the previous post about Google Adsense, here's a summary of how to help search engines categorise and identify the nature of your page's content (remember, spiders want to identify in...more info>>>