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Know Your Twitter Limits
7 August 2014
Twitter became famous for one single limit: no more than 140 characters per message. However, there other rather interesting limits that Twitter imposes on its users, highlighted by mediabistro.com's...more info>>>

Google's Tail Continues to Wag the Dog
7 August 2014
Google have been acting as a de facto (and unelected) "government of webmasters" for a few years now, and their latest "law" shows just how much control they have over all webmasters who see Google as...more info>>>

15 Twitter Phrases That Have Had Their Day
6 August 2014
I find any kind of internet meme/trend annoying, so when http://uk.marketo.com/ compiled a list of Twitter phrases, I was actually quite pleased that I'd not encountered most of them - it's a bit of a...more info>>>

Twitter: the Reliable Marketing Channel for Your Business
5 August 2014
With Facebook being stingy on on just how many of your fans get to see your Facebook posts, and Google just being plain weird when it comes to their organic rankings, the typical small business can st...more info>>>

5 Ways to Capture the Attention of Your Twitter Followers
2 August 2014
Twitter is all about getting the attention of your followers. Do that, and they'll retweet and favourite your messages, which in turn will help gain you new followers. So Twitter is NOT about merely...more info>>>