other posted in other news  on 9 February 2010
by Andrew Lang 
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puresilva website template reaches v3.00

With incremental update releases happening on at least a weekly basis to the template, the version number has been ticking over like an odometer. So it's really more incidental than anything else that the version number has now reached 3.00.

Between 2.00 and 3.00, a vast number of updates have occurred over the 2 and a half year period. Not only that, but there have been "behind the scenes" bug fixes, tweaks (not published) etc.

The update system itself has been subject to its own updates - now updates can be rolled out much much faster. Over 200 websites across 5 servers can be registered for the latest updates within 10 minutes - meaning it's possible to even apply very small bug fixes and tweaks much more frequently, rather than roll them all out together in official updates.

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