other posted in other news  on 11 January 2010
by Andrew Lang 
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restylr.com - free online website template editor

restylr.com - free online website template editor
I've been busy developing a new online tool - restylr.com

This (free) tool allows you to edit website templates online, adding your own banner, changing images, font sizes, colours, font types etc. You can then save your new design as a .zip file. What you do with it after that is up to you. It's very much a "beta" with only a handful of templates available to edit, but it has a lot of potential with future updates:-
  • column layout - change a template from 2 to 3 column or vice versa
  • content management - add pages, titles, descriptions etc - allowing you to build a whole site (and design) it from a point-and-click interface.
  • the ability to import your own templates to edit
In it's current format you can make some nice looking designs in just a few minutes (see examples here). I hope you can make some use of it!

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