content posted in content  on 19 July 2014
by Andrew Lang 
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15 Tips to Help You Succeed on Twitter

There's an infographic below (via with some useful tips regarding Twitter - but before you see that - there's a couple of basic tips I'd like to offer:-
  • give your followers genuinely useful and interesting content to follow. Seriously, if you think Twitter is just about building up a following and then throwing a load of nonsense their way, then you're wasting your time. So if you haven't got a "reportoire" of good content you can give them, build it up first, then get software like HootSuite to help schedule your tweets throughout the day.
  • Don't just market your services. Offer content that's "off piste" away from your core businesses. For example, I like link to music I love, one-liner jokes, news stories.


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