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Images Get More Retweets on Twitter
11 September 2014
Your Twitter stream can end up looking like a blur of words as you scroll down it - interrupted by the odd striking image. And its these striking images that win most of the retweets. Not all tweets ...more info>>>

15 Tips to Help You Succeed on Twitter
19 July 2014
There's an infographic below (via socialmarketingwriting.com) with some useful tips regarding Twitter - but before you see that - there's a couple of basic tips I'd like to offer:-give your followers ...more info>>>

A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words
19 July 2014
The maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true for website content too - depending that you use high quality images appropriately. An image can represent the type of products you sell,...more info>>>

How Customer Reviews Can Help Your Business
1 July 2014
Customer reviews are incredibly helpful for shoppers to help decide whether to go with your product / service or not - make sure your website has such a feature! ...more info>>>

Use FAQs on Your Website
15 October 2009
Why use an FAQ?Because it allows you to anticipate, and then answer your visitors questions right there and then and you can save your visitor hunting around for the answer to commonly asked questions...more info>>>

The Art of Mediocrity
4 September 2009
A great article by Jeff Atwood over at codinghorror.com on the error of applying "business-speak" to your website:- It's a shame that this misguided sense of professionalism is sometimes used as an...more info>>>

Speed up your site
5 February 2009
An interesting experiment conducted by Google shows users notice even half a second delay in page loads, and this results in a reduction in traffic and revenue by 20%:- After a bit of looking, Mari...more info>>>

A more experienced market is good news for enthusiasts
25 May 2008
With the ever-increasing volume of affiliate, re-seller and spam websites appearing online, people are getting more cynical and discerning as to which sites they are willing to spend their time and mo...more info>>>

Turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors
11 January 2008
It's easy to concentrate too much on search engine rankings while ignoring the value of repeat traffic - those who find your site for the first time, LIKE it, and subscribe to your RSS feed, bookmark ...more info>>>

Blue sky thinking about search engines
28 April 2007
When people talk about search engines in 2007, they might give a passing reference to Yahoo! and MSN, but really they are talking about Google, because that's where the majority of searchers are to be...more info>>>

How to look like a trusted website
11 April 2007
The more websites you visit, the more accurate your 'trust radar' gets. You can see if a website owner is enthusiastic or not about his business. You can see the signs that a site is no longer being...more info>>>

Give it to them direct
31 January 2007
Some websites are like meandering anecdotes, when you just want to know the punchline. Often it's a price you're looking for, or whether they stock a specific item or do a particular service. Can yo...more info>>>

Top-5 'less is more' tips for your website
26 January 2007
The less vertical space for the 'header area', the better. In plain-English, the header area is the top part of the page that normally holds your company logo and the main navigation of the site (jus...more info>>>

Use high quality images to help sell your products
24 January 2007
Here is the same watch, displayed in two different ways:- 1. Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlarge 2. The first set of images give you a much better idea of ...more info>>>

Do not rely soley on search engines
15 January 2007
Imagine one day you flip on your PC, log on to the Internet and go to Google.com. The browser alerts you and says that there's no website found at that address. No problem you think, as you head on ov...more info>>>