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For the templated version of puresilva , we offer you the chance of customising the look and feel of your site. Whatever your choice, you will always produce professional results, literally in seconds. No manuals to read, just point at a colour/shade and click. Point at a font, click. Choose an image, click. We even have many web design preset themes for you to choose from if you're feeling uninspired!

Using sophisticated server-side technology to dynamically create graphics - recolouring and reshading text/graphics depending on the site owner's selection, it is possible to apply effects like drop shadow, bevel, spray, and glow to both text and images. For those familiar with graphic design, this is like having your very own Photoshop for your website (except FAR easier to use!) - allowing you to do your own web design. Features:-

* Choose from over 150 fonts all of which become anti-aliased (smoothed)
* 65000+ colours for banner, navigation, page colour, background, text
* Upload or create your own banner (area above horizontal menu) from scratch
* Apply filters to text/images like drop shadow, glow, solarise, page curl, bevel, spray
* Alter menu buttons style - gradiant or glass

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