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by Andrew Lang 
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Use FAQs on Your Website

Why use an FAQ?

Because it allows you to anticipate, and then answer your visitors questions right there and then and you can save your visitor hunting around for the answer to commonly asked questions!

Any other benefits?

Well, it allows you to have a kind of dialogue with the visitor in the form of a Q & A.

Do people look out for FAQs?

Absolutely. This has become a standard way to find out information quickly without fuss, and on one single page.

Any tips on writing an FAQ?

  • Write informally as if it's a casual conversation between someone asking questions, and someone answering them
  • Think hard about what kind of information your visitors are looking for. Returns policy? Delivery times? "How to" questions are very good (and search engine friendly as people often make search queries starting with "how to").
  • Make sure the format of the FAQ has usability in mind. The FAQ page is likely to be a vertically long page - that's OK - but make sure the reader can hop around from question to question easily without losing where they were - always make sure there's a link "back to the top" where the questions normally are!

Does the puresilva template support FAQs?

Yes, we are launching a whole new module on them tomorrow (16th October 2009) allowing template site owners to add multiple FAQs on their site, and the ability to add a couple of different navigation styles to each FAQ (including a neat jQuery smooth scroller!).

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