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Link Verifier Tool
21 January 2008
A new tool has been added to our website "toolbox" - the Link Verifier. This is to save you time browsing link partner pages to see if your link is present. Just enter the URL of the page you want...more info>>>

Google Webmaster Tools and keyword analysis
17 January 2008
This article talks about Google Webmaster Tools. You'll need a Google account to use GWT - you can sign up to a free Google account here if you haven't already done so. If you're already logged in...more info>>>

Turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors
11 January 2008
It's easy to concentrate too much on search engine rankings while ignoring the value of repeat traffic - those who find your site for the first time, LIKE it, and subscribe to your RSS feed, bookmark ...more info>>>

Plans for 2008 - and how did I do in 2007?
4 January 2008
First off, I wrote a news entry at the beginning of January 2007 citing all the plans for the puresilva template and the puresilva.com website. How did it go? Well v2.0 of the template was rele...more info>>>