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Expired domain name evaluator tool
20 April 2009
Expired domains are a great way to jump start a new online business, or even give an extra push to an existing business. How so? Well, Expired domains are interesting for two reasons:- Arguably, al...more info>>>

puresilva template now auto-tweets updates
17 April 2009
Now on the puresilva template when you add a new article or product to your website you can check a box that says "auto tweet" and it will automatically add a message to Twitter with the title of your...more info>>>

Good news: Selling online isn't easy
11 April 2009
The following article assumes you don't have wheelbarrows of cash to throw at Google Adwords and advertising to bring traffic to your website (even if you do, this is a useful article for increasing y...more info>>>

Forums are more useful than Twitter
8 April 2009
It seems we are being dragged into the "Twittersphere" by our collar these days:- .....and I kind of agree with the cynic in the cartoon - it seems there's a lot of noise on Twitter and not muc...more info>>>

Deleted tweets still showing on Twitter search
7 April 2009
Twitter's search facility still displays messages you've deleted even up to 3 days ago (as of today, test messages I made 3 days ago are still visible in the Twitter search). I can only guess the...more info>>>

Simple Solution to Twitter's URL Problem
5 April 2009
Twitter is becoming an extremely popular means of communicating online, but a constant problem people have when sending a "tweet" (a message) are URLs - URLs take up too much of that precious 140 char...more info>>>