! Keyword Research Service - the Best 50 Keywords for Your Website

Keyword Research Service - the Best 50 Keywords for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords. Researching the RIGHT keywords for your website is the most important aspect of your SEO plans. You could be wasting so much time and effort on the wrong keywords that are:-
  • too competitive (require months of effort, thousands of pounds) if your budget and patience doesn't allow
  • too generic (e.g. "clothing", "cars")
  • irrelevant
  • have low volume search (not many people using these keywords)

For the best keywords, you need to find ones that have that magic combination of having fairly low competition while having a fairly high search volume. And of course, are relevant to the content of your site - so that you receive targeted, relevant visitors.

Our keyword research service will give you the 50 best keywords for your website, and work transparently as the keyword lists we give you will state WHY these keywords are relevant. For each keyword we recommend, we will show:-

  • Overall score - based on ease of ranking combined with number of people searching for this keyword
  • monthly searches (explicitly showing you search volume)
  • cost per click if you were to use Google Adwords
  • ACTUAL predicted number of visitors if you rank 1 to 3, 4 to 7, and 8 to 10 in Google for this keyword

The cost of our service is just 1 per keyword!

But can you trust the keyword lists we give you? We get our data from a tool we use that costs us over $200 per month - this tool uses a cloud of servers to quickly extrapolate data from a single keyword and many related keywords (up to 1000) in just minutes. If we were to give you a list of 25 keywords (for example), that might involve us sifting through dozens of keyword searches in this tool to identify those rare keywords that have the unique combination of relatively low competition with high search volume. But we would not only do that - we would produce two lists for you - one list showing those rare keywords that are relatively easier to rank for that get you decent traffic, and ANOTHER list showing the most targeted high volume keywords for your site, regardless of competition - these words are tougher to rank for, but they should be on your SEO radar for the long-term. So you get two lists of keywords:-

  • a shorter-term list for easier to rank keywords that get you decent traffic
  • the longer-term list of the BEST keywords that give you the MOST traffic regardless of how tough they are to rank for - keywords that you cannot ignore and will want to dominate for the longer-term

These lists are mutually exclusive so there are no keywords repeated in either list.

Knowing the best keywords isn't just something to learn for the sake of it - the whole point of having this list is so you can take concrete action IMMEDIATELY when this list is in your hand - knowing the best keywords to rank for helps you:-
  • hone your website's content - you can tweak your content to make it more on-page SEO friendly to the list of keywords
  • with your Adwords campaigns, knowing the best keywords at cost-effective CPC prices
  • if you are link building yourself, you can use these keywords in your anchor texts
  • if you are hiring an SEO company, you can present them these lists and ask them to build a link building campaign around them
  • identify your competition. Searching in Google with these keywords shows you the best of your competition and you can check out their sites to see why they are ranking so high
  • identify the most searched for products in your range of products. For example, if you sell pashminas, and most people are searching in Google for silver, cream and white pashminas, you can stock up on those on your site and do SEO campaigns for the pages on your site that sell silver, cream and white pashminas - this is exactly what I do with my own site, lovepashminas.com

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Antispam Measures

Spam email has been getting out of control across the internet recently (since October 2006) - especially with spam sent as images - with an incredible 92.6% of all e-mail traffic being unwanted spam mails (source: bbc.co.uk).

The antispam software installed on puresilva servers is catching about 95% of spam, stemming a large proportion of it before it makes it through to email inboxes.

We use the MailFoundry MessageIQ engine to block spam - which updates its filter every 5 minutes with up-to-date IP blacklists.

Our hosting packages include virus and worm scanning, email attack protection, fraud protection, and content and attachment filtering.

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