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Google Suggest
27 August 2008
Google have rolled out the new Suggest feature on Google.com (see screenshot). This COULD impact search in the following ways:- Less misspelled searchesLess long tail searches as people opt for su...more info>>>

Photo Editor Tool
25 August 2008
We've just launched our new photo editor tool:- Photo Editor Tool Here you can resize, re-color, apply filters, watermark and write text on top of any of your photos!...more info>>>

Dofollow blogs - great way to link build and share advice
23 August 2008
Dofollow blogs are blogs which do not use the rel="nofollow" tag. In other words, if you get a link from a Dofollow blog to your website, search engines will count this link toward your own website's...more info>>>

Inbound Link Evaluator Tool
17 August 2008
A new web tool is available on puresilva.com :- Inbound Link Evaluator Tool This tool allows you to view the value of inbound links to any website. It's free for anyone to use and you can fin...more info>>>