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Push and Pull Marketing
30 November 2009
Traditional push marketing of a product or service involves proactively telling your target market about your product/service. It typically involves direct marketing like emailshots, phone calls and g...more info>>>

Guilty of trying to please everyone all the time
27 November 2009
As Seth Godin wisely points out, everyone is clueless :- The problem with "everyone" is that in order to reach everyone or teach everyone or sell to everyone, you need to so water down what you've ...more info>>>

Web developers ripping off customers
26 November 2009
If you introduced regulations to the web design industry, you'd likey see 90+% of web design companies disappear overnight as they're judged "unfit for purpose". Never has the phrase "you get what yo...more info>>>

Much-updated Selling Online Successfully Guide
24 November 2009
It's been a while since this was updated, but here it is pimped to deal with the stress equations of selling online in 2009:- Selling Online Successfully Guide...more info>>>

Seth Godin's Blog
7 November 2009
If you haven't heard of him, you have a LOT of (essential) reading to catch up on! >> Seth Godin's Blog...more info>>>