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5 Years Ago Today....
27 July 2009
Five years ago today (27th July 2004), I launched the shoptemplate.co.uk demo shop. This has now evolved into puresilva.com (v2.76 as of today). Click to enlargeClick to enlarge...more info>>>

20 a month offer ends on 1st September 2009
25 July 2009
I've been offering the puresilva template to people for a monthly flat fee of 20. It's not the first time I've experimented with a low monthly price. It seems I introduce a monthly payment plan eve...more info>>>

Now You Can Sell Affiliate Products on puresilva
23 July 2009
It's now possible to sell affilaite products on puresilva for any outlet (Amazon, John Lewis, any website). More information in updates....more info>>>

Bing Referral Spam / False Visitor Stats
19 July 2009
Microsoft are doing it again regarding referral spam. They are sending false "visitors" to your site who supposedly found your site on the Bing search engine using single keyword searches like "item"...more info>>>

Formal or Informal?
17 July 2009
A biased look at what it is to be formal and informal :) Formal/OrthodoxYou adopt well-worn phrases when describing your services - a lexicon of commonly understood jargon, and you follow the well wo...more info>>>

Even more plans for puresilva!
14 July 2009
Here are planned updates to the puresilva website template - planned to implemented (all of them) by end of 2009:- Ability to sell affiliate productsThis will allow the site owner to add a product ...more info>>>