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New Keyword Suggestion Tool
28 September 2009
Another tool added to the (completely free) puresilva toolbox:- Keyword Suggestion Tool This tool allows you to find alternative keywords that are being used by searchers to find things. These ...more info>>>

Quick and Easy Way to Find Popular Keywords in Google
25 September 2009
Just type the first few letters of a root keyword you're targeting into Google like the image above. Google will suggest keywords based on those first few letters. You will often find a few surprise...more info>>>

puresilva Voted Best Banner Maker on makeuseof.com
22 September 2009
My personal favorite to make your own banner is PureSilva’s BannerMaker. Although there are a ton of available options, the interface remains relatively simple. The BannerMaker website hosts a ton ...more info>>>

Lazy Marketing
18 September 2009
I get a load of emails everyday from SEO "companies" asking me to sign up to their services. The problem is - the vast majority never even leave a link to a website, or proof of previous work. They ...more info>>>

New Advertisements Module For The Template
9 September 2009
A new facility allows puresilva template owners to make money from visitor-published adverts on their website. These come in the form of text ads, and site owners can choose how much they charge for ...more info>>>

The Art of Mediocrity
4 September 2009
A great article by Jeff Atwood over at codinghorror.com on the error of applying "business-speak" to your website:- It's a shame that this misguided sense of professionalism is sometimes used as an...more info>>>

Use Google Adwords to Discover the Best Keywords
2 September 2009
It's easy to focus too much on quantity of visitors coming to your website, and not so much on the QUALITY. After all, quantity is very easy to measure, quality a little less so. Search engine vi...more info>>>