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Are Google Worried They Might Lose Money if They Update Penguin?
30 July 2014
An interesting theory posited over at webmasterworld.com here - to quote:- Do you think google hasn't done an analysis of how much recovery there will be on the next penguin refresh? What if they c...more info>>>

10 Reasons Why Shoppers Are Abandoning Your E-commerce Website
29 July 2014
The big question that every e-commerce website owner wants to know the answer to is : why did somebody abandon their basket on my site? There are many reasons why that might be, and the infographic be...more info>>>

8 Types of Message to Send Out on Twitter
29 July 2014
Twitter is all about ENGAGEMENT, not just number of followers. It's also true that some tweets are more engaging than others, and this post looks at the most popular types of message that will encour...more info>>>

10 Years Ago Today...
27 July 2014
Ten years ago today (27th July 2014), I launched the shoptemplate.co.uk demo shop. This has now evolved into puresilva.com. Click to enlargeClick to enlarge...more info>>>

Social Marketing Is All About Timing
21 July 2014
To maximise the amount of people that see your posts on social networks, you need to be careful as to WHEN you make your posts. Here's an interesting infographic from http://www.socialcaffeine.com/ ...more info>>>

What are the Online Marketing Trends in 2014?
20 July 2014
With Google becoming a less and less reliable traffic source, there's been a strong shift towards social networking platforms. However, it's so easy to get frustrated by the likes of Facebook and Twi...more info>>>

A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words
19 July 2014
The maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true for website content too - depending that you use high quality images appropriately. An image can represent the type of products you sell,...more info>>>

15 Tips to Help You Succeed on Twitter
19 July 2014
There's an infographic below (via socialmarketingwriting.com) with some useful tips regarding Twitter - but before you see that - there's a couple of basic tips I'd like to offer:-give your followers ...more info>>>

A Daily Dose of Music
17 July 2014
Music - I like it, so I built a page that has some music on it! A daily dose of music brings you 3 recommended tracks to listen to plus a random UK top 40 from anywhere between 1960 and last year. I h...more info>>>

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?
8 July 2014
Hope is carrying out a task, and believing that positive results could very well come from completing the task. Confidence is carrying out a task, and anticipating positive results from the task. ...more info>>>

Unnecessary Barriers that Stop Shoppers Buying from Your Website
3 July 2014
Shoppers want to buy from your site - they don't want to register to your site. They also want to know how they can pay for their items before the checkout process begins. This video looks at two bi...more info>>>

Make Sure You Know Your Advanced Location Settings on Google Adwords
2 July 2014
...if you don't check your advanced location settings on your Adwords campaigns, you're likely wasting a lot of clicks! Did you know that if you target the UK for example, people outside the UK may st...more info>>>

How Customer Reviews Can Help Your Business
1 July 2014
Customer reviews are incredibly helpful for shoppers to help decide whether to go with your product / service or not - make sure your website has such a feature! ...more info>>>