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Twitter Statistics for 2014
25 September 2014
All the facts and figures regarding Twitter in 2014 can be found below (via mediabistro.com) ...more info>>>

On Composing the Perfect Tweet
24 September 2014
You only get 140 characters when composing a "tweet" on Twitter, so you need to make the most of each and every character. Your message does in theory go further than your followers - people can use ...more info>>>

How to Discover More About Your Twitter Followers
25 September 2014
There's a myriad of free Twitter tools out there to help you find out more about the people who follow you - but given there's so many, it's hard to know which tools are the most appropriate for WHAT ...more info>>>

How to Get More Followers on Twitter
23 September 2014
Twitter - when used correctly - is a fantastic way to broadcast your messages. However, 99.9% of Twitter users aren't making the most of their account. There's no two ways about it - you need to off...more info>>>

Twitter Is Capturing a Bigger Share of New Users
22 September 2014
Via infographicscreator.com - an interesting statistic:- Twitter is grabbing MORE new customers. 53% of Twitter users have been a member for less than a year, compared to just 19% for Facebook. Thi...more info>>>

SEO Really Is Dead - Time to Move On
9 September 2014
A lot of companies have been clinging onto SEO as a method of marketing - mainly because if it works (if Google rewards you), it's a very passive form of marketing that gives you a lot of reward for (...more info>>>

A Social Platform Cheat Sheet for the Absolute Beginner
4 September 2014
Understandably, the phrase "social marketing" leaves a lot of small business owners cold. Your own personal experience of dabbling with Twitter or Facebook might leave you yawning and wondering what ...more info>>>

Twitter: the Reliable Marketing Channel for Your Business
5 August 2014
With Facebook being stingy on on just how many of your fans get to see your Facebook posts, and Google just being plain weird when it comes to their organic rankings, the typical small business can st...more info>>>

5 Ways to Capture the Attention of Your Twitter Followers
2 August 2014
Twitter is all about getting the attention of your followers. Do that, and they'll retweet and favourite your messages, which in turn will help gain you new followers. So Twitter is NOT about merely...more info>>>

Social Marketing Is All About Timing
21 July 2014
To maximise the amount of people that see your posts on social networks, you need to be careful as to WHEN you make your posts. Here's an interesting infographic from http://www.socialcaffeine.com/ ...more info>>>

What are the Online Marketing Trends in 2014?
20 July 2014
With Google becoming a less and less reliable traffic source, there's been a strong shift towards social networking platforms. However, it's so easy to get frustrated by the likes of Facebook and Twi...more info>>>

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?
8 July 2014
Hope is carrying out a task, and believing that positive results could very well come from completing the task. Confidence is carrying out a task, and anticipating positive results from the task. ...more info>>>

Getting Things Done - To Do Lists
26 June 2014
It's easy to take each day as it comes - to react to everything - incoming emails and phone calls, followed up with a vague idea of what you plan to do that day. Quite often though, the day runs away...more info>>>

Getting Things Done - Stop Wasting Time
24 June 2014
This is a post that's in danger of slipping into the "self-help" category, but nonetheless, I am compelled to make it. First off, I think we all want to make the most of our time in some way. It's g...more info>>>

Signals of Trust You Can Add to Your Website
11 January 2014
Trust is a big factor to ensuring any business success. If your business is online, it leaves prospective customers with a problem - how can they trust you when everything seems so remote? Building ...more info>>>

So You Want Quick Sales After Launching a New Website
10 November 2013
The anticipation of sales is palpable after launching a new site. There's so much to discover about how your target market responds to your offering. That first sale is a big relief, but how quickly...more info>>>

No SEO Please, We're British
22 October 2013
Since giving up on SEO, I've freed up so much more time to work on other marketing strategies. Apparently there was a Penguin update earlier this month (some SEO news I simply can't escape the report...more info>>>

Is Your Marketing Too Passive?
5 August 2013
Search engines have encouraged us to be quite passive with our marketing. We tend to wait for people to find us, rather than go out and seek them. The former requires less effort than the latter, bu...more info>>>

What Does It Take to Create a Successful Online Business in 2013?
27 January 2013
Essentially, you need to:- 1. Have a product or service that has a demand, and...2. the supply of your product or service must be easy enough to find for your target market, and... 3. the quality of ...more info>>>

Clothing and Jewellery: It's All About Niche
22 February 2012
When it comes to selling items, a popular category amongst our clients is fashion. As the fashion market online is a very saturated one when it comes to competition, it's also a good insight into how...more info>>>

Websites: Templated and Patchable v Bespoke
30 December 2011
I am still amazed at how slow the web design industry moves. Even in 2002, it was obvious to me that web development and software development are pretty much the same thing - complex scripts that are...more info>>>

Can You Control the Quality of the Product or Service You Sell?
18 May 2011
I've mentioned before that enthusiasm for the product or service you sell makes your life so much easier:- Marketing Is All About Improving Your Product Push and Pull Marketing ....you're mor...more info>>>

On Website Successes and Failures
27 January 2011
With nearly 14 years of building websites - from simple one pagers to full e-commerce, I've seen many wesites both succeed and fail online. While it's human nature to focus on what's successful, it's...more info>>>

Marketing Is All About Improving Your Product/Service
30 June 2010
A while ago I wrote about push and pull marketing and how the market has moved away from push to pull i.e. cold calling and interrupting people (push) is less effective because it's gotten much easier...more info>>>

Five Mistakes Still Being Made By Websites in 2010
1 June 2010
Here are 5 mistakes websites still make in 2010 - I call them mistakes because they just get in the way of the visitor. Talking like a brochureTalking as if you're the CEO of some international congl...more info>>>

Google Likes Fast Loading Pages
22 March 2010
One thing a lot of people overlook when considering a new website is hosting. An afterthought is usually paid to hosting only after all the functions are developed for the website (and it's the func...more info>>>

Launch your website early, then iterate
18 December 2009
Launching a new website means you're often stuck in the purgatory of "option paralysis" - a seemingly infinite amount of design choices you must pick from in order to get your website up and running: ...more info>>>

Push and Pull Marketing
30 November 2009
Traditional push marketing of a product or service involves proactively telling your target market about your product/service. It typically involves direct marketing like emailshots, phone calls and g...more info>>>

Guilty of trying to please everyone all the time
27 November 2009
As Seth Godin wisely points out, everyone is clueless :- The problem with "everyone" is that in order to reach everyone or teach everyone or sell to everyone, you need to so water down what you've ...more info>>>

Much-updated Selling Online Successfully Guide
24 November 2009
It's been a while since this was updated, but here it is pimped to deal with the stress equations of selling online in 2009:- Selling Online Successfully Guide...more info>>>

Seth Godin's Blog
7 November 2009
If you haven't heard of him, you have a LOT of (essential) reading to catch up on! >> Seth Godin's Blog...more info>>>

Lazy Marketing
18 September 2009
I get a load of emails everyday from SEO "companies" asking me to sign up to their services. The problem is - the vast majority never even leave a link to a website, or proof of previous work. They ...more info>>>

Short-Term and Long-Term Trust
13 May 2009
A couple of years ago I wrote an article about trust (How to look like a trusted website). The article title seems a bit dodgy - surely if you ARE trustworthy, then you will LOOK trustworthy? Not al...more info>>>

Good news: Selling online isn't easy
11 April 2009
The following article assumes you don't have wheelbarrows of cash to throw at Google Adwords and advertising to bring traffic to your website (even if you do, this is a useful article for increasing y...more info>>>

Why are you running a business?
19 January 2009
The assumption is that everyone is in business for money. The assumption is a pretty good one, since it's true much of the time. We do / sell things in exchange for money. In fact, some people will...more info>>>

What is an autodidact?
16 January 2009
If you don't know what an autodidact is, but your first impulse is to find out yourself, YOU may be an autodidact. I'll save you the search:- autodidact noun a person who has learned a subject ...more info>>>

Predicting how it will be for businesses in the next few years
5 November 2008
Here are my predictions for the next few years. These are all generalisations. And guesses. So take with a pinch of salt and enjoy:- More people will go self-employed/start up their own businesses...more info>>>

Converting complete strangers into repeat customers
22 April 2008
There are 5 basic steps to converting a complete stranger into a repeat customer:- 1. Effective Marketing - which brings visitors to your website 2. Quality Content - your marketing works, and y...more info>>>

Common complaints about web developers
7 March 2008
We get a lot of enquiries from people who already own a website, and are interested in our website template. Generally speaking, people want to change their website when they're not satisfied with th...more info>>>

Can I copy your business?
29 January 2007
Easy business models tempt a lot of people. By 'easy', they usually mean most or all of the following:- product / service with obvious mass market demand low cost to set-up and run the business ...more info>>>

Building customer relationships with a mailing list
20 January 2007
By offering exclusive information or product offers not available on your website via weekly emailings, you can entice people to sign up to your mailing list. This gives you the chance to keep a reg...more info>>>

Promoting your blog on Digg and Technorati
13 January 2007
Rather than going to individual websites to read individual blogs, more and more people are going to websites like Digg.com to read stuff that other users have recommended. This acts like a 'best of ...more info>>>

Finding a niche on the net by careful research
11 January 2007
There are a lot of things to consider before launching an online business - the most primary being the business model itself - what is the purpose of the website? What are the chances of this purpose...more info>>>

Tips on Improving Your Website Conversion Ratio
9 January 2007
Some of our own tips can be read here. Also to augment our own advice, here is an interesting article for more online selling advice, including:- 3. Use psychologically effective colours. The co...more info>>>