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Use high quality images to help sell your products
24 January 2007
Here is the same watch, displayed in two different ways:- 1. Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlarge 2. The first set of images give you a much better idea of ...more info>>>

Give your customers a choice of how to pay
23 January 2007
The most likely place for a visitor to abandon their purchase on an e-commerce website is right at the point of payment. This is often attributed to an attack of conscience - the need to save money b...more info>>>

PayPal easier to use than Google Checkout according to survey
22 January 2007
Let's hope Google score higher next time - choice is good for customers if bad for PayPal. Google Checkout ranked far below payment service PayPal in a customer-satisfaction survey of online shoppe...more info>>>

Spying on the competition
21 January 2007
A useful extension for Firefox:- SEO for Firefox This allows you to find all kinds of things out about each domain listed in either Google or Yahoo! when you do a search. Find out all this abou...more info>>>

Building customer relationships with a mailing list
20 January 2007
By offering exclusive information or product offers not available on your website via weekly emailings, you can entice people to sign up to your mailing list. This gives you the chance to keep a reg...more info>>>

Don't pay for SEO - just be natural
19 January 2007
Plain-English guide / jargon refresher: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimis(z)ation; it's the practice of altering your website's content (to 'optimise' it) so as to give it higher rankings in the se...more info>>>

E-commerce making more profits and costing less in 2007
18 January 2007
According to Actinic's latest annual survey, 90% of company web sites are profitable; and on average, companies that implement ecommerce find it costs 40% less than they anticipated. But only one in t...more info>>>

Improvements to banner maker
17 January 2007
From lots of user feedback, we've greatly improved our banner maker facility. Updates:- - you can now upload your own images - you can position uploaded/chosen images horizontally and vertic...more info>>>

The puresilva Google and Yahoo! rank checking facility
16 January 2007
You can find out where you rank with our new facility launched a few days ago:- Search Engine Rank Checker It checks the top-100 results in Google and stores the results in a grid so you can com...more info>>>

Do not rely soley on search engines
15 January 2007
Imagine one day you flip on your PC, log on to the Internet and go to Google.com. The browser alerts you and says that there's no website found at that address. No problem you think, as you head on ov...more info>>>

SEOchat.com - Good SEO Advice
14 January 2007
A good search engine optimization forum worth bookmarking and reading regularly is SEOChat.com. You can normally get answers to your questions within minutes by either using the keyword search to fin...more info>>>

Promoting your blog on Digg and Technorati
13 January 2007
Rather than going to individual websites to read individual blogs, more and more people are going to websites like Digg.com to read stuff that other users have recommended. This acts like a 'best of ...more info>>>

Web extremism versus the holistic approach
12 January 2007
A good online business plan can still fail from poor web design / hosting. When considering which web design company to choose, you should play 'web design bingo' - we consider a 'full house' to be w...more info>>>

Finding a niche on the net by careful research
11 January 2007
There are a lot of things to consider before launching an online business - the most primary being the business model itself - what is the purpose of the website? What are the chances of this purpose...more info>>>

Visited and non-visited links should be different colours
10 January 2007
It's a good idea to colour-code the links on your website so your visitors know which links they've already clicked on. This might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but it's a usability...more info>>>

Tips on Improving Your Website Conversion Ratio
9 January 2007
Some of our own tips can be read here. Also to augment our own advice, here is an interesting article for more online selling advice, including:- 3. Use psychologically effective colours. The co...more info>>>

RSS Explained
8 January 2007
RSS is technology - a simple software program - that allows you to access web and blog content automatically. The acronym's most popular translation is "Really Simple Syndication. Once your browser or...more info>>>

Is it Worth It to Follow the Google 80/20 Rule?
7 January 2007
Plain English Guide: 80/20 refers to this :- When optimizing your website for search engines, spend 20% of your time with optimizing your actual web pages - i.e. the content and the HTML, and 80% of y...more info>>>

The HTML Page Title and Meta Description
6 January 2007
When you see search results, you normally see them formatted like this:- Acme Hiphop For all the latest hip-hop records and clothing http://www.acmehiphop.co.uk The blue text is actually taken...more info>>>

How to Create Your Own Search Engine
5 January 2007
Plain English Alert: The term 'vertical search' really means a search engine that is specific to a particular subject. For example, a search engine that only returned results from Beatles tribute we...more info>>>

New Services Planned for puresilva in 2007
4 January 2007
We have a number of new, significant updates planned for puresilva in 2007, as well as the puresilva.com website. We have two new facilities planned for the puresilva.com site for non-customers :- ...more info>>>

How Spam-proof Are CAPTCHAs?
3 January 2007
Background info:- CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" - you see it when you fill in online forms that have a security code you enter, just b...more info>>>

Google Advertising Itself on Google
2 January 2007
When typing in keywords like 'blog' in Google, you'll see what looks like a sponsored link to Blogger.com - until you realise Google recently bought Blogger - so it's actually some self-advertising. ...more info>>>

Threats to Your Website in 2007
1 January 2007
The murky world of the malicious website 'undeveloper' is an ever creative one, and many new threats are 'promised' for this year. Professional cyberthieves and organized crime rings are looking t...more info>>>

The Future: Search Engines Edited by Humans, Not Algorithms
31 December 2006
Search Engine Optimization strategies change from time-to-time, but quality content is a constant necessity for promoting and keeping visitors to your website. The following article shows that sea...more info>>>

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